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Paul Bond

Wire106 - comic book style #ds106 #wire106

2 min read

Bendis posted this on Tumblr. It comes from a poster shop called New Flesh, which is a term I normally associate with Dr. Oblivion. It could make for an interesting visual or design assignment. With the image editing filters available, it is not too difficult to make a photo look like an illustration, and the poster is just juxtaposing shots rather than engaging in any kind of sequential art storytelling. 

You could make panels from a single scene, or an episode, or multiple episode. You would have to pick shots that can be cropped in interesting ways to give the poster some variety and drama. That might be harder than it seems because the shots that stand out do so because of the way they’re composed, so cropping might weaken them. The elements that make it look like a comic book page are panels of various shapes and sizes, panel borders, gutters between panels, and captions. The illustration style helps too, although the effect is achievable without it. The other hallmark of comic book storytelling is word balloons, which aren’t used here.

So it’s an idea. If I follow through and do it I’ll write something up for the assignment bank.