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Paul Bond

Open in a way #twp15

2 min read

I've been thinking about how The Internet Course that we ran for a few semesters aligns with open pedagogy. It was a for-credit, tuition-bearing, face-to-face course, so perhaps I should hesitate to call it open. Some of the course content was freely available online and some was licensed content restricted to the campus community. Some of the products of the course are openly available online, but some of the intellectual output occurred in in-class discussions and presentations.

But it was very open, in a different way, in that we opened the direction of the course to student input. We came up with a framework for how the class would approach the topic, but the students determined the direction of the course, through their interests, and the content, through their research. We used the course hub to engage in as much open practice as we could, using the internet to learn and teach about the internet. We had talked about using only openly accessible content, but my feeling was that that would shortchange the students, since part of their tuition paid for library content.

This is all very much in line with the student as producer model that Christina wrote about. It didn't involve OERs and it wasn't an open course, but it did open the process and engage an open environment.