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down in Parlor City

Paul Bond

I'm experimenting with the comic plugin for Known. Looks like it doesn't like .cbr files. Let's see if it takes .jpg

Paul Bond

While I was looking for Hammett short stories online, I stumbled across a partial version of Nightmare Town, illustrated by Francesco Francavilla. It’s sort of an homage to old pulp fiction magazines, although the quality of design and illustration are far beyond anything that was produced back in the day - produced out of love rather than cheapness. The use of light and shadow and oblique angles is pure noir.

Apparently Francavilla does a lot of work in the style. His Kara Bocek webcomic, has a beautiful noir/Indiana Jones feel. Unfortunately, it remains unfinished, as does Nightmare Town. I've been following this guy on tumblr for a while now. I'll have to look into his work more.