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down in Parlor City

Paul Bond

atlas #wire106

What book would protect me? An atlas looks like it might work.

Paul Bond

let's be commenting #ds106

Paul Bond

"it's your choice"

This is from the closing scene of episode 5. Look at all the grimy detail. There’s a message on the phone too: “it’s your choice.” The kids involved in the phone conversations know what the outcome will be, but with Poot and Wallace it’s more of an abstract thing, I think. D’Angelo knows what it is, having had some first-hand experience, and we see the weight and seriousness of it in his body language. Maybe we’d like to think they have a choice in the matter, but being in the game, as pawns no less, do they really? If D’Angelo didn’t pass along the word that Brandon had been spotted, there would have been repercussions.